MSR Windburner 1.8L Pot for Cooking System

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  • hartanodisierter Aluminiumtopf

  • Topf kann für Speisen, als Essschale, oder als Trinkbecher verwendet werden

  • durchsichtiger BPA-freier Trink- und Siebdeckel

  • COMPANION 1.8L ACCESSORY POT FOR THE WINDBURNER STOVE SYSTEM. For backcountry or weekend trips involving more than 1-2 people, this 1.8L accessory pot for the WindBurner personal stove system lets you share a fast-boiled cup of soup or coffee with friends and adds more versatility to minimalist camp cooking. The hard-anodized aluminum pot with built-in heat exchanger locks on to your WindBurner stove and efficiently transfers the stove’s radiant heat. The pot serves as a personal eat-and-drink mug and comes complete with a clear, BPA-free drinking and strainer lid, a pot cozy, extra bowl and a canister stand.

    MSR Windburner 1.8L Pot for Cooking System

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